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General Mix

General Mix has a strength of 15 MPA to 40 MPA. It is manufactured with a Slump of 100 but the slump can be adjusted to the clients preference.

Pump Mix

This mix is a pumpable and more workable mix that can be routed easier and comes in strengths between 20 MPA and 40 MPA although the same compressive strengths are reach due to special designs for the purpose of pumping.

Pool Mix

Pool Mix is specifically designed for the construction of swimming pools. It has less water in order for the builder to pack concrete to a vertical posistion without falling / running.

Special Mix

This type of mix is designed according to the clients preference with additives and fibres added as required.

Tips on ordering concrete

Ordering concrete is easy, even if you are a first time caller. Our dispatchers are trained to guide you through each step of the process. Here are a few important tips to remember:

  1. Have your measurements ready. When you call, it is always helpful to know the kind of job that you are pouring and the size of the pour.
  2. Ask the dispatcher about the different Concrete Products that we offer if not stipulated by your Civil Engineer.
  3. Have the physical address of the delivery location. Timely deliveries are the key to our business. We appreciate all the information that you can provide to guarantee excellent and on time service.


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