Consistency and quality creates success


  • Quality goals for lintel production are based on SANS 1504 ED2:2015. Production endeavor to adhere to the specifications set out in this document.
  • Utilising state of the art machinery and the newest technology on the market.
  • Applying batch plant mixing which gives consistent mix ratio.
  • Manufacturing by using EXTRUDER technology guaranteeing much better compaction and durability.
  • Implementing mix designs, developed by civil engineers. Outsourced to Go Consult.
  • Adhering to the specified recommendation concerning aggregates as stipulated in SANS 1083. Only the finest certified aggregates in the area shall be used for production ensuring the best compaction and binding.
  • Cement used shall be certified according to SANS specification, supplied by a certified cement producer. Cement shall be of the type OPC 52.5N.
  • All products shall be wet-cast in labour intensive manufacturing processes that ensure superior finish, followed by rigorous quality checks.
  • Cold drawn crimped wire that complies with BS 5896: 1980 shall be used in production. Pre-stressed reinforcement must have a minimum cover of 15mm to prevent spalling. SABS 1504-1990 (Ref. SABS MANUAL).
  • Lintel beds shall be stripped 48 hours after manufacturing in order for the lintels to reach a strength above 32Mpa.
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